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Meet the Slo Boat Team

Slo Boat Construction has been building custom homes of distinction for almost 30 years.

We take great pride in delivering exceptional finished products and building long-lasting relationships with our clients. We are your neighbor! Our success is rooted in effective communication, unwavering trust, a dedicated commitment to bringing our clients’ dreams to life, and a steadfast commitment to our community. We are confident that Slo Boat Construction embodies the desirable qualities you seek in a contractor. Choose Slo Boat Construction to turn your dream home vision into a reality.

Tina Coffey

General Contractor


Rally Reynolds

Project Manager

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Customer Service


Our Values

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Our Values


We are committed to exceptional custom construction and strive to exceed our client’s expectations, upholding our reputation as a trusted home builder.

Client Centered

We prioritize building long-lasting relationships with our clients through effective communication, unwavering trust and a dedicated commitment to bringing their dreams to life.

Community Minded

As your neighbor, we are dedicated to giving back to our community through our work and support of local organizations.

Our Services

Our extensive network of affiliations with support services, architects, and structural engineers simplifies the planning process. Looking for inspiration? We offer a range of stock plans and original designs that are fully customizable to infuse your project with your unique personality. Trust our team to bring your dream project to reality.

Construction Hat With Construction Plans Underneath

Custom Home Construction

Morris House Furnished



Front Of House

Project Concepting


What Our Customers Say

You guys went  above and beyond what was expected - it is greatly appreciated.  Slo Boat Construction has given us  our dream home. We can never thank you enough.

Donna and Jack DiLuna

Of course you and your crew exceeded even my high expectations, Thank you for all the many decisions you made and suggestions offered, but mostly thank you for your commitment to building quality and your refusal to settle for less.  You made every step of the process not onlypainless, but a joy! I especially appreciate the way you listened to me, didn't make me feel stupid and tried to understand what I wanted, even when I wasn't real sure myself.

Lynn Livingston

Thank you so much for making our Edisto dream home possible.  I am truly amazed every time I step inside with the care and skill that you and your crew have brought to this house.

Janet and Paul Oakley

Our Partners

Many thanks to artist Ginger Graham Varner for donating her time & talent to paint this beautiful turtle for the Edisto Chamber of Commerce Turtle Tide Art Project. Proceeds from auctioning this turtle will benefit the Edisto Beach Turtle Project, an all volunteer organization. 

Picture of founders for turtle tide project

Slo Boat supports our local community and invests in our neighborhood. Some of our partners are:

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